Monday, February 13, 2006

Try that on for size

I'd gotten about 10 rows into the sweater, when I realized that my cute little stitch markers weren't quite little enough. Since cotton is very unforgiving, it was causing these stitch ladders no matter how tightly I pulled the stitches on either side of the markers.
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So you know what's coming. I pulled it all out. It took me a few hours to knit back up to that point because I was trying to be so careful about the raglan increases.

My husband and I were watching Lost In Translation last night, so I tinked back and forth on this (I wish I could say "knit like the wind"), and this is as far as I got.
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Not so impressive, but I feel like the hardest part is behind me. Also, at this point I have a good feel for how to handle the cotton, so I've got an edge.

Tonight is my Stitch N Bitch group, so I'll at least get a solid hour or two of knitting there.

And Knitting's Amy seems to have sustained an injury. My best wishes for a speedy recovery! Heather is inching along, but her couch is having a few issues, and that new sock yarn just looks so good.... Jennifer had to rip her sweater back. You're not alone -- I feel your pain! Karen is calculating just how much yarn per day must be knit... Nancy is almost done, and is adding on an additional project to her Olympic challenge -- a pair of socks. Pamela has been through a big snowstorm, but the needles keep clicking away...

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