Friday, November 09, 2012

All Hallows Eve

Our family doesn't really celebrate Halloween -- Greg is completely opposed to it, but I say "yay!!  An excuse to wear costumes!! Not like we need one, but it's fun!!"  So our compromise is to just celebrate....costume day-ish.  And get lots of candy at a local Fall Festival.

In the morning, the children participated in the Halloween/Scare Away Drugs parade at their school:

Halloween/Scare Away Drugs School Parade
Harry Potter

Halloween/Scare Away Drugs School Parade
A Ninja

Halloween/Scare Away Drugs School Parade
A Princess Barbie Cowgirl Cat (obviously) (haha, oh my!)

Kitty (Halloween)
Billy had been a Ninja too, but decided that his "costume" (bandana) was just way too hot.

After the parade, I painted my friend Jenny's face before she left for work.

Jenny's Fire Angel Eyes

Jenny's Fire Angel Eyes

So much fun!  We decided that we should do this more often.

Since I was already painted up as a pink kitty, we decided to go do a little shopping before work.

Pink Kitty

We like to dress in costume and go out together anyway, so this wasn't really all that different for us...but people finally thought it was normal.  Since it was Halloween.  We decided not to correct anyone ("OH! Yeah, this is just the way we are.")  :-)

Later that night, we met up with my best friend Angela and her little girl, and exhausted the children at the Fall Festival.
Kitty Cat BFF's

Halloween Fall Festival

Halloween Fall Festival
A Ninja transforming into a Power Ranger

Halloween Fall Festival
TWO face painters for the Princess Barbie Cowgirl Cat!

Sugar High at the Halloween Fall Festival

Halloween Fall Festival

Halloween Fall Festival


But even more exciting....GREG IS COMING HOME TONIGHT!!  These weekend visits are a beautiful thing.   Just a little over a month until he lives with us "for real" again....

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Perpetual Countdown

Lately, my entire life has become a countdown.  As we draw closer to the end of Greg's year of school in Kansas City, I find myself caring less and less about anything else at all, and my entire being is leaning forward, waiting with bated breath, willing time to tick by just a little faster.... distracting myself with friends, movies, tv shows, children's playdates, parties -- but in the end, all I want is Greg: home with me, right now.

Here's some pics from the last time he was here for the weekend (Roller Derby + East Side King food truck with friends):

Yay Roller Derby!!

Our men at Roller Derby

Out with Greg and friends at Roller Derby

at Roller Derby with Angela & Josh
Our BFF's, Josh and Angela

We threw a big party with friends to smoke meat, drink beer, and make a huge batch of Poutine (gravy fries with cheese curds -- devilish and delicious):

Making Poutine and smoking meat
Greg, Glenn, Josh

Making Poutine and smoking meat

Making Poutine and smoking meat
Drying the soaked potatoes on the tailgate of Glenn's truck before putting them in the deep fryer

Making Poutine and smoking meat

In two days, we get to see Greg again!!  And the countdown continues....


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