Friday, October 25, 2013

Independence 2-ply

Sometimes spinning is the very best sort of therapy.  If I'm not producing creatively, I often start to feel undone, but I can't always decide what to do...also, what to make if I just don't want to think, don't want to decide, am emotionally overwhelmed, overrun?

Mindless spinning, with an audio book, movie, tv show....perfect.

Spinning + TV

These singles are something I started working on sometime last year, but kept loosing interest.  Lately, I've been pulling out the wheel more often, and finally finished it up into my go-to comfort-spin: a bouncy sportweight 2-ply.

Creatively Dyed seawool, 8 oz (from The Loopy Ewe)

Creatively Dyed seawool, 8 oz (from The Loopy Ewe)

handspun bobbins

handspun on the niddy noddy



I don't have any project in mind for this, although a sweet little shrug for Lavella would probably be perfect for a Texas winter....


Creatively Dyed colorway "Independence"
Fiber: seawool
Sportweight, 8 oz, 650 yards
Source The Loopy Ewe

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sewing Class

My crazy sewing class girls

Two months ago, I decided to start a sewing class.  (Actually it was Piper's idea -- the 2nd girl from the far right.  She reeeeeeaaaallly wanted to learn to sew, and I thought.....well wouldn't it be more fun with a bunch of friends?)


I've been part of many grown-up crafting and knitting groups over the years, and it was fun to see the dynamics of these girls as they got to know each other and I watched them become a little community right in my kitchen.  By week two, they already had inside jokes, catch phrases, etc.  So cute!!

Sewing class: supplies

Sewing class: Lavella

Lavella's embroidery -- I'm so proud of her!!

Lavella's owl embroidery

Sewing class: Gabby

Sewing class: Shelby

Sewing class: embroidery hoops

Sewing class: Kara & Anna

Sewing class: Lucy

Sewing class: hand embroidered pillows

Sewing class: mug of floss


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