Wednesday, February 08, 2006

This is Sarah here just slipping in a cute little crochet project before the olympic madness begins (sadness on my part because my yarn isn't here yet for this time-honored sporting extravaganza).
Here are some slippers made from Erika Knight's book Simple Crochet. As usual I'm using the wrong yarn, wrong gauge, wrong hook, ah well. Thankfully, I'm an intelligent individual when it comes to crochet and I can make it all work together for good. So! drumroll please...

Lion Brand Fisherman's wool, hand painted by yours truly with Wilton's icing dye

Couple of things about this pattern. The beginning shaping was good, it all made sense. The bottom, back of the foot shaping on the other hand did not really make sense. I had trouble with the increases. In fact, I totally abandoned the directions at that point and went for the gold, I mean, broke the mold. The other issue I came across (mostly because of the wrong yarn/hook/gauge issue) was that these were turning out to be the wrong size. Let me also mention I have size 6.5 feet. Yes, that it small. To make things more complicated, I was formulating the nice idea of giving these to my grandma who has size 5.5 feet. I added more to the round part (front foot) without increases and then did approximately ten rows with sharp increases at the heel... and it worked! Let me also mention that using a stretchy yarn like wool creates a ballet shoe like slipper, whereas the cotton would make a loafer like slipper. Whatever suits your fancy. Here's some other people's attempts :
Blue Blog (scroll down)
Does anyone else notice that the front part is nice and long for Erika Knight and not very long at all for everyone else?

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