Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sometimes I do things other than knit

Have you ever wondered why it's called Valentine's Day? Here's the story:

A priest named Valentine is said to have lived in Rome during the third century, during Claudius' rule.

Claudius was having trouble with his army because men were always concerned about their wives and families back home. He decided to outlaw marriages in an attempt to solve this.

Valentine was a priest and felt that it was wrong for Claudius to challenge the institution of marriage, so he continued to marry people to each other in secret. Valentine was eventually caught and thrown in jail.

Claudius' daughter was blind, and undesirable, so she was a servant in the jail. Her job was to take care of the prisoners, and she cared for Valentine. He was kind to her, even though no one else was. He would describe things that she'd never seen like flowers, trees, and other things outside.

On the day of his execution, February 14, 269 A. D., she began to see again, miraculously. Valentine died, but the whole family of Claudius was affected by Valentine showing God's pure love to an undesirable girl.

Kind of gives a whole new meaning to "Be My Valentine", doesn't it?

In a former life, I was a scrapbooker. Since I have all the supplies, I spent my creative moments today making this for My Valentine.:
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Stats: Stamped, torn, smudged, stickers, ribbon, quilted with the zig-zag stitch of my sewing machine. White-core cardstock and paper.

My favorite guy and best friend just got home from work, so I won't take any more time away, but Happy Valentine's day to everyone, and I'll be back with some knit progress on the morrow.

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