Thursday, February 16, 2006

Growing pains

My little guys let me knit yesterday while they were awake (!!), so I made some progress. This is how it looked just before bed yesterday.
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We're below the bust! Strange Theory's Amy wondered if the fabric would grow in length enough to start decreases at the point I was at in yesterday's picture, since my swatch grew so much. It's possible that it will grow in length, but the main thing that happened was that it blossomed out wider. I am knitting this pretty form fitting, in the hopes that it will have a good fit once I block it.

I sustained an injury yesterday -- a yarn burn on my left index finger that turned into a tiny split. I put some medicated prescription ointment on it last night with a band-aid, so it's more of a hot spot today than anything, but it's a little sore. Also, my hands are feeling kind of stiff, but the end is near! I think that I'm going to be able to finish this up before the Big Day. I've knit through 3 out of 5 balls of yarn already, and we're only on day 6. (Sarah, there's hope for you!)

And Knitting's Amy has decided to knit through her pain, and has taken up the needles once again. Alright Amy! She wrote an interview with herself that had me rolling. =) Danielle is planning to knit through class today. Perfectly acceptable, I would say. I mean, what could be more important than Olympic glory? Em has stayed under the radar, but has actually finished her sweater already, and is challenging herself with a second one! Unrelated, but she saw a sunken boat the other day. Strange. Unfortunately, she forgot her camera. Leah just joined our team yesterday, and she's wondering how in the world she'll ever finish.

Tomorrow check back for a review of the knitting/fiber related podcasts that are out there. Podcasts are perfect entertainment for Olympic knitting!

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