Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Oh the shiny yarn...

I am almost done. I can smell (see?) the finish line. I must knit.

This is where I was last night:
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Since my tummy isn't what it used to be (before babies!), I've decided to knit at least another inch before the picot edging.

I have some things to say about knitting with cotton, but I will save that for my "hey, I'm finished!" post. It's not all good. However, I like the color.

At the beginning of the Olympic Games, I said that I would award a yarny prize to the Team FS participant who took the most interesting picture of their sweater. The photo judges will be Sarah, her husband Jesse, and me and my husband, Greg. The prize that I will be sending out to one very lucky person is this incredible skein I picked up last week (I know! It hurts to part with it so soon, but at least it hasn't gotten sucked into the Black Hole Of Stash.) Here it is:
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Fiesta La Boheme in colorway Safari. This is 165 yards and 4 oz of 2-strand A) Brushed Kid Mohair, Wool, Nylon and B) Rayon Boucle. This stuff almost glows, and is OH! so soft. It would be enough for one skinny, lacy scarf or as a great addition to...your stash? No, I didn't just say that. Ok. So does anyone else have something to throw in to the Prize Pot? If you do, leave me a comment or email me with the specs. Also, if anyone can think of any other reasons to award prizes -- silly, crazy, serious, whatever. (First to finish, last to finish, unfinished, etc.) I'll be waiting on your comments!

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