Thursday, June 26, 2008

Alive and well down the Jersey shore

Thank you so much to everyone who's offered their congratulations. I'm still struggling with being tired and there are a lot of foods that I can't stomach yet, but having other people cook helps a lot. (It seems sometimes that the longer I look at the food, the less appealing it is, so if I actually have to prepare it start to finish, chances are I'm just going to eat a piece of fruit.)

Several of you asked if my husband would be home for the baby's birth. The answer is yes, I hope so. He plans to be home for R&R at Christmas, and hopefully all of the dates work out properly so that he can be there. He's such an integral part of my birthing process that I can't imagine him not being there. So I can say, "Hopefully, yes."

Something that may shock and astound you: I have not knit in over a week. In fact, I'm pretty sure the last time I picked up the needles was to finish up my (as yet unblogged) Loksins socks two Mondays ago at the fiber group I attend whenever I'm home. I know, strange. Instead, all that I want to do is spin.

Here I am spinning this morning.

I love the look on Daisy's face. She'd been happily sitting out there on the deck with me eating her breakfast, but just before the picture was taken she lost all interest in being pleasant.

I was working on the Rosebud roving that you saw on my wheel two posts ago -- it was going very slow as I learned the idiocyncratic nature of the HitchHiker, but now things are moving along at a much faster clip. It's still not nearly as efficient as my Lendrum back in Germany, but I did manage to finish up all of the Rosebud today, and now I just have to wet-finish it. If it's warm enough for the skeins to dry quickly tomorrow, I'll be able to take some pictures.

We've been having a rather lovely time here down at the New Jersey shore. A friend lent us their beach house, so we're within walking distance of the ocean, and have been going there every morning after breakfast.

Some of my favorite shots so far from the week:

(My sister Joy)

(My two youngest brothers Christopher and Joel, forever in search of trouble)

(Joy and my very pregnant sister Hannah)

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some finished skeins to show you! (Oh, and maybe those finished Loksins...)
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Monday, June 23, 2008

A little (tiny) announcement

pregnancy week by week

Yes, my friends, we have managed to add yet another little person to our family, due to arrive on December 24th. This explanes the slacking off of blog posting (even though I'm rounding the corner of week 14, I'm still nauseous and tired), and general lack of anything to say (empty -- or maybe too full -- pregnancy brain).

We're spending this week down at the Jersey shore, so fun, sandy pictures to follow!
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Home once again

Since last we spoke, I've bought a new wheel,

(Currently on the wheel is the latest offering from Spunky Club: Rosebud, destined to be a worsted/bulky two-ply for Daisy's winter hat and mittens)

Moved back to the States for the summer (three days spent in the AirForce terminal, waiting for seats on a cargo jet),

Got some new stash from The Loopy Ewe,

The Dyeing Arts Superwash Merino: Sandstone

Creatively Dyed Seawool: Independence

Was gifted with a huge bag of raw Alpaca fleece from my local fiber friends here,

And Max turned three.

(I made the ugliest crumb-topped coffee cake in the universe, but it was actually very delicious, and was polished off entirely in one go.)

I also finished two pairs of socks and a sweater, but you'll have to wait for the next post.
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