Friday, February 24, 2006

I'm done

My sweater is done. It's blocking on a towel on the floor of my room. The photo of me with the scissors is of The Last Snip.

Tomorrow I'll post a pic of me wearing it, but it's still wet today. (I should probably buy a sweater screen someday soon.)

Amy from And Knitting found some interesting knitting content in the most recent issue of W magazine.
Strange Theory's Amy is having some trouble keeping her focus, and is noticing (as I did with mine) that all the stockinette really highlights ALL those stitches -- for the better or worse!
The more I see of Danielle's sweater, the more I want one of my very own! She's almost to the home stretch. It's looking really great.
Debi has a little tutorial on Knibberish, and appears to be making some sweater headway (if I'm translating correctly).
Heather is seaming!!
Jessica is almost to the Blocking Point.
K isn't feeling so great, but her sweater is turning out so well. I love the delecate all over lace. (What pattern are you using?)
Karen's sleeves are almost finished.
Kathy was having some troubles with gauge, but it appears that her sweater is going to work out after all. It looks great, and hopefully it will fit! She also knit her first sock. Great job, and welcome back from your Mexican vacation!
Leah is holding out one last hope that she can finish on time.
Nancy is feeling the time crunch for all those ends yet to be woven in! Her dad died 10 years ago today. She wrote a beautiful tribute to him, so make sure you go check it out, and leave some virtual hugs for her.
Pamela has been feeling pretty sick, but she's back in the game! Go, Pamela, go!
Sharon Hurlbut is piecing everything together for her 5-year-old's sweater! Also, she's added two balls of GGH Cadiz to the prize pot, and has a pic of them on her blog. This will go to the knitter with the best final blog entry on Team First Sweater (whether you actually finish your sweater or not doesn't matter for this prize).

If anyone has anything else to add to the prize pot, let me know in a comment, and then post pics of it on your blog so that we can all go there to gaze. (It's all about the wool!)

Knit on, fellow stitchers, and don't give up! It's been so inspiring to watch all of you in your struggles and triumphs towards this goal. Weather we all make it or not isn't the most important thing. The main thing is that we have fun, challenge ourselves, and learn, which is what always happens when we stretch for something new. Go Team First Sweater!

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