Monday, June 26, 2006

Born into fiber arts?

The other day, Knitting Friend Laura brought over two small eggplants from her garden. Today I ate them for lunch. In case you happen to have eggplants on hand too, I'll tell you how I cooked them because they were seriously tasty, if I may say so myself (and I do!):
Slice eggplant thinly
Use one piece of eggplant to smear extra virgin olive oil (or regular olive oil) over a pan
Arrange all slices on the pan, and sprinkle with garlic salt, a little red pepper flakes, and drizzle with a tiny bit more oil
Broil on low for about 7 or 8 minutes
Flip each slice with spatula and broil a few more minutes until they are toasted on both sides to your liking

Recently, Sparky has been expressing great interest in the fiber arts. "I need to knit yarn" he said to me the other day. So I got out some size 15 needles and a ball of yarn that I hate, and set him up with a few rows:
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Check out the look of concentration:
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Then today, during his nap, I was spinning. When he came out and saw me, he was all excited about it. I let him "help":
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(The strange look on his face is because as soon as he saw the camera, he was asking Mr. Fiberflash "gotta see it, want to see it!")
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Has anyone ever tried this? It's quite hair raising. Pretty much, he was just treadling at a mad crazy pace while I tried to make sure that he treadled in the proper direction, attempting to draft wool for a laceweight singles all the while. Yikes!

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