Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Worldwide KIP Day

Here are some pics from our little part of KIP Day here where I live:
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We all met up at an ice cream shop with our husbands and kids. A reporter from the local paper showed up to photograph the event. I'll scan the article in when it comes out this week.
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It was 100 degrees outside, but ice cream made it bearable!
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(This adorable baby is not mine, she belongs to the girl to the left)
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My husband and babies. Max got so messy that Greg had to take off his shirt when he was done eating.

At our usual Stitch N Bitch group, we often talk about our families, so it was really cool to meet everyone, and put some faces with the names.
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As it turns out, the lace repeat is not difficult at all once the chart is read correctly! I'm actually a few inches further than this (pic was taken Monday morning), but this shot shows almost the true color of green. It's just a bit brighter than this. My hands have been feeling a little bit overworked, so I've been taking it easy and working on a few other projects in rotation. More details to follow!

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