Tuesday, May 16, 2006

it's all about socks

It was some point just before Mother's Day that I realized I hadn't gotten my mom anything. I didn't even make her a card. Whoops. What's a knitter to do? Cast on that day, of course. This is what I knit on The Day:
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It's the Bell Lace Wool-Ease Socks and they're so quick! I wanted to make her some hiking socks that could be described as beautiful, and I think these fit the bill. I'm loving the eye-of-the-partridge (is that what it's called?) heel. I'll have to shoot a close-up later. I'm knitting them from some Wool-Ease that was in the stash. This is her favorite color.

Also, I knit this the other day in anticipation of teaching my friend to knit socks.
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It's a baby sock of my own design for Max. It's a little to short for his foot, so I need to rip it back and knit a little more, but they're very cozy (knit from Plymouth-something that's just like Wool-Ease)

The pink/purple squishy baby blanket is about half done. I'm not including a photo until I begin to edge it though, since it looks exactly like it did before, only bigger. Yeah.

Ok now, gotta run. I'm off to see the Lady Doctor. Yuck. At least I'll have some knitting time in the waiting room (gotta look on the bright side, ya know?)

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