Thursday, May 25, 2006


So. I've knit this same dishcloth now three times. Three. Well actually, I finished it once, ripped back twice almost to the eyelets and knit back in.

Here's the first attempt:
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The trouble seemed to be that when I switched to DPN's, my gauge changed (got tighter). I went up two sizes in DPN's, ripped back and re-knit twice, and here's the final outcome:
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Looks kind of similar, does it not? My husband, seeing that I was getting my butt totally kicked by a mere washcloth, suggested blocking. (My husband does not knit, but aparently he's a genious.)

Here it is, drying after a severe blocking:
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I should probably go straighten it a little more, but can you believe it? That's the same washcloth! No rippling! I hope that it dries like this. We shall have to see.

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