Friday, March 24, 2006

Knitter Down!

I've been away from the blog all week, so you know something's been going on. Let's start with the little star that you're all waiting to see:
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Unfortunately she only has the little lacy undies at the moment, but my little sister is eagerly awaiting the completion of the waredrobe so that I can mail this Babe to it's new home.

Under the Babe is a nearly finished adult sized Magic Stripes sock to give an idea of size. And this sock is where the story begins.

I was knitting furiously on the Babe in hopes that I'd have the doll and enough of a wardrobe done for my little sister to take home with her once the week was up. As might be expected, I ended up spending more time visiting than knitting, so didn't quite get that done. Ok, no matter. As soon as they left I realized that I'd better get cracking on the sample project for the class I'm teaching next month. Also, I'd offered to knit a sock sample to hang by the Magic Stripes yarn, if you remember. If I just hadn't knit the sock, all would have been well. I had no idea what miles of stockinette on tiny needles with tiny yarn at hyper speed could do to hands. There have been several days this week when I could not even knit. Not one stitch. I have sustained a bit of a knitting injury, so I've begun stretching my fingers and trying to take a bit more care. No project is so important as to ruin my hands for the rest of my crafting life. That would just be silly.

If you dare, take a gander at the before and after pics of my felted bag class sample:

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It shrunk about 4 inches in length, and 2 in width when felted. I like to felt things down good and dense, personally. If there is still any stitch definition, I must ask: why was it felted at all?

Please give me your honest opinion. I don't ever use (or care for) novelty yarn. Would you take that class, or is it just a horrific piece of knitting that would give you the jeebies?

Speaking of felting, the cozy slippers I knit and felted for my paternal grandma got sent off last week. I hope she likes them. I shaved them just before sending them, and I really like the smooth, clean simple effect. Also sent off were the socks for my maternal grandpa and bunny for my maternal grandma (the one who knits). The story of the bunny is a bit long so I won't bore you with it at the moment, but of interest to note is that it was knit entirely out of one 6" x 6" swatch and two little triangles (for the ears). You can get the pattern here.
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That's all for now kids. Up tomorrow are some Project Spectrum pics that you won't want to miss.

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