Thursday, March 16, 2006


My eyebrows are raised almost over the back of my head:
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Yes, that's exactly what it looks like. Let me explain. Remember how I'm going to be teaching at that Major Chain Craft Store? Well, the only kind of sock yarn they sell is Magic Stripes (as I posted earlier), and there's nothing inherently wrong with a self-patterning yarn, but it's just not enough to hold my interest....well, plus self-patterning yarn has never been my thing. (Sometimes self-striping, but that's a different thing altogether) If you happen to like this type of yarn, please excuse my prejudice -- it's just my personal preference, and I won't think bad of you for feeling otherwise. =) Anyway, I realized that if a sample was knit up and hung by the sock yarn, people would be way more likely to buy, therefore (possibly) encouraging the store to buy more and different kinds. Hey, I can dream. I was given this yarn for free, and am being paid to knit it up. Not bad.

As for the novelty yarn...on Saturday they need A Knitter to sit an knit out on the floor of the store. On the needles of that knitter needs to be the yarn they're promoting that day, Moda Dea Flip and Prima. That knitter would be me. I decided to hold it with the Paton's merino wool, knit on the diagonal, and felt it into a bag. I'm basing it on a pattern I found online. This will be the Felted Bag I'll be teaching in the class I'm doing next month. I will sell this bag back to the store to use on display, since I'd never use it myself.

I really have no idea what I have against novelty yarn. I certainly don't have anything against people who use it, I would just rather never knit with it myself. Although getting paid to knit with it isn't that bad of a deal.

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