Saturday, January 07, 2006

Peaceful Palms - done!

Hi! I am quite late in posting this, but I finished this just before the new year:
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Pattern: Urban Necessity by Colleen Michele Meagher
For knit along: Peaceful Palms
Needles: #6 Boye, aluminum
Yarn: KnitPicks Wool of the Andes
Other post on this project: Fingers
Modifications: Seed stitch instead of ribbing around the base of the mitten cap. If I made these again I'd do ribbing on the inside only and plain on the outside, since seed stitch has a tendency to bulge a little. Also, I didn't do the cable pattern on the outside of the mitten cap because I couldn't seem to figure out where the chart was to do that. Hmm.

They are for my brother-in-law, Keith.

Just before leaving for our two week Christmas vacation up north, I made and mailed these to Sarah, my blogging partner. They were her "prize" for winning the URL contest I had for this site a bunch of months ago. (Sorry it's so late!)

Stitch markers:
Image hosted by
Cute little linen bag to hold them in:
Image hosted by
Of course I made a second set for myself. =)

Also, on New Year's Eve I finally colored my hair "interestingly" again. It always used to be blue, purple, yellow or some such funness, but since getting pregnant with my first little guy, I haven't been able to do too much of that. So while I've got the chance, I had my husband do this for me:

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I almost feel a little silly doing something like this at age 25, but from the front it looks pretty "normal" (although, what is normal anyway?), and I like it, reguardless.

Over my shoulder in the picture you can see the top of Mr E's head. He was in the sling, which makes me look like a little bit of a hunchback from this angle. =)


Mouse said...

Cool mitts.. and COOL HAIR! I know what you mean though, because I sort of felt silly with bright burgandy hair at 28 years old.. My little guy was a sling baby too- wait until yours gets a little bigger, you start to FEEL like a hunchback too! (ps. My verification word is "wafilh" which looks like the phonetic spelling of waffle.. how odd)

MacPhilly said...

Your hair isn't that way out at all! Heck, my wife (34 mother of 3 with a 4th popping out in March, and the song leader at our church) has hair at least as radical :-)

As for the sling baby thing - ours ride a lot in the stroller ;-)

nona said...

Congratulations on finishing your Peaceful Palm's gloves. They -- and your hair -- turned out great!

Amy Boogie said...

Great mitts/gloves and Cool hair
I had a mohawk until 30 and still do strange things to my hair if it makes you feel better about funky hair dye at 25. some of use never grow out of it, I hope :)


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