Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ilga's sock

So. I'd gotten this far on my sock ("Ilga's Socks" from Favorite Socks). As you can see, there are live stitches at the bottom, so you probably know what's coming, right?
I decided to google "Ilga's Socks". According to Google, as far as the online world is concerned, only one person has ever actually completed these. After studying hers for a few moments (and they are lovely, by the way!), I noticed that she had ribbing at the top. I tried mine on. There's no way in heck these are going to stay up with the Latvian Braid (besides the fact that the "braid" is a little heavy, the entire first few inches of the sock are fair-isle, than the rest of the sock is plain, cream stockinette, so the weight of all the colorwork would just drag it down). Now, it's possible that they won't stay up anyway, but I'm not willing to knowingly knit something that won't even be functional.

It finally got so tangled at the end that I just cut it off. Fair-isle is kind of tough to ravel.

I cast on for it again, but didn't like what I was doing with the ribbing, and then noticed I'd made a mistake. Let's not discuss it, for the sake of my suffering pride. I may cast on again today. Now that I've given it a few days, I think that I have the heart to start again.

In other news, look what I got in the mail this week!
Max: "This is mine."

As expected, the book is funny, warm, and full of Stephanie's witty style. It took a moment to get used to the format of the book, but I love it. This has been in my hands anytime that knitting can't be (nursing Daisy, etc.) I'll be reviewing it in the next episode of the podcast.

Yesterday, I planted my first garden!
I've been wanting one for a few years now, but we've been moving around too much. Finally, I realized that there is a way to work it in a small space. The most important thing to me is having fresh herbs on hand. I have a roof-top wintergarden (almost like a porch, but more like the roof has just been cut off of a room adjacent to the kitchen -- I'm totally building one into my eventual dream-house!), and there were some long planters left behind from former tennents. Some friends gave us some potting soil and compost when they moved a few months all I had to do was get the herbs! This is only day two -- I've never been successful with household plants, so we'll see how I do. I think that with them right outside the kitchen though, in plain sight, that I might actually remember to take care of them. I'll keep you posted.

Ever since Sea Silk first came out, I've been longing to use some. For whatever reason, I never got around to it. Then I noticed 150 gram skeins on the Loopy Ewe site. In a semi-solid colorway. I might have...
Oh yes.

(She's got only three colorways left, if you're interested! This skein size was a mistake, and probably won't come around again!)

Now I just need to get my hands on some Fleece Artist Sea Wool. Pixie, Agean, or really any of the nearly-solid colorways... I'm really trying to have self control at the moment though. Really, what good is the yarn going to do if it just sits there in the stash? I've already got enough stockpiled for a little while... (who am I kidding? What's enough?)


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