Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Of Knit Nights and lightening strikes

Last night I woke up to realize that we were in the middle of the most violent rain/electrical storm that I can remember. The lightening was striking so close to our building that I could hear the buzz along with the crack of thunder. This woke both my little guys, so I had to get into my toddler's bed with him to help him sleep while nursing the baby. They both fell back to sleep pretty quickly, which was good, but I woke up this morning feeling like a zombie. I don't remember waking up more than that one time, but presumably I didn't sleep soundly because of all the noise. Thankfully I got a good nap today!

Anyway, the storm knocked out our power in the night and that lasted until nearly lunchtime today. All of our major and minor appliances are electric, so we were just headed out to lunch when the power came back on. (How to make a meal with no appliances?)

Last night I heard rumour of a LYS 20 minutes from here, in Sackets Harbor. I was able to get in touch with the owners and confirm that yes, there is one "The Bamboo Needle", and they specialize in natural fibers!! Oh my goodness, this will be so bad for my wallet. Was going to run by there today to check it out, but they're only open from 12-4 each day, and Andrew naps from 1-3:30 so that didn't work out. We'll stop by there tomorrow on the way back from the state park beach, where we'll be in the morning.

The Stitch 'N Bitch circle last night went well. Two other ladies showed up to Borders Cafe, along with a reporter and photographer for the local newspaper. We had a lot of fun, but it doesn't look like Tuesdays is the best night for everyone. Also, the one lady's husband is getting deployed in a week or so, and then she won't have anyone to watch her kids... However, I found something better! When I was talking with the owner of The Bamboo Needle, they happened to mention Knit Night, which is every Wendesday! I didn't go tonight because I've been out two nights this week already (with my husband watching the toddler), but I will be there next week, most definitely!

I've gotten a bit more done on the backpack and hat, but not enough to photograph. Well, Max is taking a nap and my husband's outside with Sparky running around, so I'm going to take this opportunity to work on those things.

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