Monday, July 18, 2005

My first sock

Well, as you can see, I got started on the BMG Footies over the weekend. After posing with the sock, Sparky proceded to pull the needles out and pulled out a row before I could catch him. Word to the wise: If one thinks it best to pose vivacious toddler with Work In Progress, one must position themseves as close as possible to said toddler to avert disaster, if need be.

This is the first sock I've ever done, and the first time I've used 4 needles. It was a little tricky at first, and I have done the ribbing twice now because it was kind of manky at the first go, but I feel like I'm in the groove of things now. It's actually fun!

So far I've completed the ribbed cuff and now I'm working on the heel flap. It's pretty cool to see how the whole thing is constructed as I go along

The yarn I'm using is the Socotta that I bought last week. It's 45% cotton, 40% superwash wool, and 15% nylon. I'm really liking the colors; it's an unusual blend of purples and burgundys, and is knitting up nicely.

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