Tuesday, July 26, 2005

fiber goes public

The knitting article was printed in Saturday's paper, and I was very pleased with it. It landed the front page of the Currents section (probably because this was the pet project of the cheif editor of the paper, a knitter herself).

The reporter did a good job exploring the whole fiber arts scene, and there were interesting comparisons and similarities between our group and a group of older ladies who've been meeting in this area for 40 years (!). Even the Mr. thought it was well written, which is unusual.

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Can you spot Max in this photo?

Also, I finished my first sock! It's a bit lonely, just waiting around for the other, so I'll have to get on that today.

Oh, as far as left hand slanting decreases go, not all are created equal. Knit two together through the back loop (K2tog tbl) makes a very different looking decrease, and doesn't match the right hand decreases well. Slip slip knit (ssk) looks much better (at least when I do it). So just a note, in case you're just about to try your first item with matched decreases.

Really, I don't know what everyone gets so scared about with socks. They're not that hard -- I got stuck twice, and was able to work things out first online, then with the help of a Real Live Person (at last week's Knit Night), but as soon as I realized what I was doing wrong, it totally made sense. The actual techniques used are pretty simple, and don't let the tiny, numerous needles and thin yarn scare you -- it feels great in the hands, and is quite fun to knit with them in the round.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
"I need a friend!"


sarcy said...

Great picture!

Been wondering: is "Stitch'n Bitch" an abbreviation for "Stitching Bitch," as in a female who stitches; or is "bitch" a verb in this case, as in a female who complains while stitching?

Faith said...

That's so funny! Greg is always asking that, but he says that it's a...oh shoot, I'm brain dead this morning, so I can't remember the word for it, but "a question that isn't asked to be answered". He just likes to ask it out loud and muse to himself about it. But to answer your question, it is the abbreviation for a female who complains while stitching. =)

sarcy said...

Conundrum? Paradox? Enigma?

Faith said...

um, no none of those...still have a brain freeze


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