Wednesday, July 06, 2005


The monkey backpack is coming along slowly but surely. Intarsia is a little tricky when working with this many colors, I've found, but it keeps it interesting. Not such a good traveling piece though. It's pretty much impossible to keep things from getting into a serious tangled mess on the back of the lap...the floor of the car...just a bad idea. I completed the little top panel that goes above the zipper, and now I'm working on the back piece. After this is the gusset and straps...then the lining and zipper...shouldn't take too long, but the toddler and the baby have been doing everything in their power to slow up the process. =-0 Ah well, such is my life right now, I suppose.

I found this gorgeous organic cotton yarn on Knitty, and simply have to have it. The only problem is, I don't know what to make it into. Any ideas?

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Sarah said...

yay, i'm so jealous, oh how great!

Sarah said...

that you've started a knitblog..

Amy Boogie said...

Cute backpack. The cotton seems like a nice yarn. I love the tank Elann shows as it's sample.


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