Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Scrappy Josephine Shawl

In our vacation pictures, I kept showing shots in progress of a shawl that I worked on en route, and now I've got the finished pictures at last. I cast on for this on the way to Florida, knit it during our stay there, and cast off the last stitch towards the end of our drive back home to Texas.

(It actually does have a point at the bottom, but it was such a windy-wild day, so the point got blown under a little in this shot)

This was one of the most mindlessly satisfying things I've worked on in a while. I chose my yarn (a handspun from a Swap For Scraps that I did while living in Germany), chose my needles (a little bigger than might be usually used for this yarn weight to give me the fluid drape I was looking for), and just...knit. No swatching needed! To work this pattern, you very simply cast on 3 stitches, and then add one extra stitch (with a yarn-over) on the same side of every other row. I slipped the first stitch of every row to keep a clean edge. When you are nearly out of yarn, you very simply cast off. The cast off edge is one side of the triangle, so the entire thing appears to have been knit on the diagonal.

The pattern is available for free here.

Ravelry details on my project page.

I would love to know: what's your very favorite mindless knit?


carolyn said...

Ah, a project that doesn't require swatching...that's my kind of project!!
The shawl looks great!

Melina said...

I'm working on a Chic Knits basic hoodie right now. It is pretty mindless but I did get to make my first pocket (didn't know it was so easy). I'm hoping it will be very wearable and can be made again in different colours and variations (fingers crossed). I like the Josephine shawl and am looking for the perfect yarn for it.

Tanja said...

I might use my handspun scraps with this. Thanks for inspiration

Dina said...

I <3 this!!! Thank you for showing the details on how you spun the fiber in your Rav stash page -- I really need to knit up my handspun ... now :)


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