Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Well then. That was exciting.

Did you know that you could have the webbing between your toes glued back together? As it turns out, you can! And who might we have to thank for this little bit of trivia? Our dear friend Sparky.

(Seen here with Black Eyed Max, who was having an allergic reaction to some mosquito bites. Also, they both were sporting worn-out temporary tats on their cheeks. What a pair.)

Another bit of trivia: it is possible to slice the webbing of ones foot on the faucet spout of the bathtub if you've been Slippery Sliding fast enough. Not that Slippery Sliding is actually allowed or anything. In case you were wondering. I'm also not entirely clear as to what Slippery Sliding is, since I was out of the bathroom for that .05 seconds it took him to slice his foot in said spout. Oh dear. This all happened on Monday, of course, THE DAY AFTER GREG LEFT. Nice. Half the day spent in the ER later, we were home with glue between his toes.

(Here, you will note that Max was doing everything in his power to try to fall off of the examination table and split his head open. I mean, we were at the ER. Let's be reasonable now, Mommy.) (Also, the long stick Billy is holding is the Walking Stick that Sparky brought with him. If your gonna amp up the drama, it's all Go Big or Go Home with them.) (Is it even legal to have this many parenthesis in a row, and when will Faith stop all of this foolishness?) (Hopefully soon, as she has now taken up the uncalled for practice of referring to herself in the third person.) (Nothing to see here, moving right along then...)

OK, enough of that. Spinning! Yes! Let's talk about spinning.

A while back, I received this adorable bundle of fiber in a Swap For Scraps that had been organized by the lovely Amber Lee (by the way, you should seriously click through, because her photography is out of this world).

I decided that I wanted to spin it 3-ply, but I didn't want to make the colors muddy, so this is what I did. First, I organized the little fiber bumps in a way that pleased me.

Then, I ripped each little bundle into three pieces, as closely matched in length as I could. I then laid these little strips out in exactly the same color progression in three sets.

Next, I rolled each progression up into a ball (without pre-drafting).

I spun each ball of fiber on to a separate bobbin, then plied them all together yesterday. There was only one place that I had to break one of the singles, because I didn't like the way one color was bleeding into the next, but otherwise, I feel like it worked out exactly the way I'd imagined it in my head.

(On the Niddy-Noddy)

Better, even.

(Drying on the rack outside)

When it first came off of the final bobbin, freshly plied, it was a little papery feeling without a whole lot of life or bounce. After a soak in warm Eucalan water and then some nice whacks against the wall, it plumped up just a bit, and now that it's completely dry, it has a good bit of elasticity to it as well.

There's nothing like a fresh, sun-warmed skein, just off the rack.

Mmmmm, can you just smell the wool?

Specs: 4 oz, 3-ply, 14 wraps per inch (WPI), 412 yards.

I thought that I knew what I wanted to do with it, but now I'm not sure. Suggestions are very welcome. Although, this will not be a pair of socks. I refuse to wear non-superwash on my feet. At least not right now. (I couldn't bear to see them get accidentally destroyed in the wash, and my husband usually does the laundry, so these accidents could more easily happen...)

Excuse me now while I go eat a brownie. I'm telling you kids, with Ghiradelli boxed mix, you just can't miss.

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