Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday: Western Inspired

Attention to family who might be reading: yes, my birthday is indeed coming up (on Easter this year!), and if you would like to find the perfect birthday gift for me, please look no further than my Modcloth wishlist.  Or a Modcloth gift certificate.  Either would be swell.  Thanks a bunch.  :-)

When I was in my teens, I used to regularly comb thrift stores and vintage shops for my wardrobe, sift through bags of hand-me-downs from church ladies who were cleaning our their closets... It was born out of necessity; for the most part, the only money I had to work with was the few dollars I'd make here and there by babysitting. (This totally dates me, but this was back when $1 an hour per child was kind of a lot to ask -- or at least in my neighborhood.)  However, the more I shopped (often altering the fit with my mom's old sewing machine), the more I developed my own unique style...and I started to really enjoy the way that I could put an outfit together that no one else could possibly copy. (My sisters might argue that no one would WANT to copy it, but that's another story for another day.)

When I first became pregnant with Sparky, and my body started the amazing shape-shifting, my vintage clothing collection got pushed aside for more practical maternity wear. In fact, that's when Greg bought me my sewing machine, and I sewed a bunch of maternity pants and tops for myself (the first time I'd ever sewn fully garments -- start to finish -- on my own without my mom).

Since then, my vintage wardrobe has moved with us -- state to state, internationally -- virtually undisturbed on their hangers. It is only now that I am finally cracking open the closet door to dust off my favorite finds from years ago.

The vintage piece I'm wearing here is a corduroy blazer. I'm amazed that I can finally fasten the button again!

Headband, Goody ~ Blazer, vintage ~ Western Buffalo Check Button-down, OldNavy ~ Jeans, Paige Denim "Pico" ~ Boots, Frye "Billy Vintage Pull-on"

Looking through my old finds reminds me of the treasure hunts I used to conduct through my grandma's closet (indeed, I still have several of the amazing polyester shirts that I scored from her house!)

It totally got washed out by the sun in these pics, but the shirt is a lemony yellow -- I am so in love with yellow this spring!

I'm inspired to start thrifting once again. So often, if I want a new item of clothing, I feel too impatient to actually search for it on the racks of Goodwill, and instead just pick up something brand new (and often devoid of character) at a retail chain shop. (Like OldNavy.) (OK, so pretty much ALWAYS OldNavy.)

But the thrill of finding just that special something, the excitement of the unexpected, the yards of fabric posing as old sheets and tablecloths, begging to be re-purposed as dresses and skirts...ahh for more hours in my day.

I love the look of really dark, intense eye makeup with a clear, ultra shiny lip gloss.  If only I wasn't so bad at taking makeup detail shots...

I never made a list of New Year's Resolutions, but who says that we can't just make up some Springtime Resolutions instead? Here we go:
  1. I will thrift more. As in, at all. (Clothing, fabric, accent furniture, teacups...)
  2. If I want something brand new, I will attempt to buy from somewhere like ModCloth rather than a soul-less chain.
  3. I will expand my fabric stash (carefully and with purpose, but yes -- more fabric!)
  4. I will add a monthly thrifting feature to this blog so that you all can keep me honest (inspired by Dana of MADE).
  5. I will learn to be a better listener
  6. I will watch more reality TV.  Just kidding.  Probably kidding.

So tell me: I know that a lot of you thrift and bargain shop at flea markets and garage sales. What is your very favorite find (clothing, furniture, ceramics, misc.)? What gets the most use? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

{Get the look.}


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Rachel said...

I have the same problem, I don't have the patience to sift through the racks at a thrift store. I always am in awe of bloggers who share their awesome thrift store finds, but never seem to have the same luck. I think I'll join you in your springtime resolutions and try to do more thrifting. The outfit looks fabulous on you!

Cecilia said...

oh, yes, i love me some Goodwill! just discovered this this last year and have added numerous pairs of jeans that actually fit the way i like (AT the waist, what is now described as above the waist, but actually hits at the narrow point) and a few linen dresses and shirts, and numerous wool sweaters! I should blog about my finds 'cause they are exciting (well to me at least) ;o)

i also am able to indulge my daughters fashion and wardrobe appetite ( and changing size for the last few years) without breaking the bank!

Connie said...

Love thrifting...latest find is a black wrap dress with a small ruffle on the bottom. Had original price tag from Kohl's for $56.00, priced at thrift store for $16.99, it was yellow tagged which meant it was 1/2 off!!! Also found a sheer black wrap with the same ruffle for $21 at a consignment store. I needed these for a formal wedding I'm going to in April. I think I would have looked at many stores to find something that perfect. love your "what I wore" days!


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