Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Love Over Gold

I've been a veeeeery slow spinner lately. This particular fiber (Southern Cross Fibre Club Feb. 09, "Love Over Gold") has been sitting on the wheel for weeks, for no particular reason. I did struggle to get it even, which may have been more of a focus-related trouble than an actual fiber one, since everyone else who has even even come near New Zealand Polwarth has said they could hear the angels singing.

On the upside, the resulting yarn, while not entirely (or at all) even, is soft, durable feeling, and beautifully colored. David does fantastic dye jobs, and this is no exception.

296 yds, 2-ply, 4 oz.

I'm not stressed about it at all though. I'm completely pleased with the final product, and, as I intend to turn this into a woven felted scarf for my mom, any inconsistencies will either add to the charm or come out in the wash. Win-win!

Now for a quick stop at the local yarn shop for some coordinating fiber to use with it...

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