Friday, April 03, 2009

Give up your gun?

I was going to write a post today about hope and new things.

About this sample I'm weaving for a larger project:

About the joy of my children as they played outside this evening:

About the buds on the trees, pregnant with springtime promises:

But instead, my heart is heavy. In my hometown back in upstate New York, there was a horrible shooting/hostage situation today. It happened at a building I've been inside of. It happened at a place any of my brothers, sisters, parents, in-laws could have been at. (Indeed, my father-in-law was at work just down the street at the time.)

Thirteen people are dead, including the gunman. More are wounded.

I know that I am asking to be cut all to pieces in the comments when I say this, but I must: if more responsible people were carrying guns, the shooter would have been neutralized. It's not fair for one person to have all of the power. More gun control only leads to responsible, law-abiding people not owning guns. People who mean harm with them will still acquire them by getting around the law. This has always been the case.

I grieve with the families of those who were lost, and I ache for the wounded. My prayers and my heart are in Binghamton, New York tonight.

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