Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Forsythia bloom

We went to a friend's house on Friday to decorate Easter eggs:

(Pssssst....I bought the boys those retro-looking aprons at Boojiboo, and they're made of crazy strong material. We love them!!)

Daisy kept cracking her eggs on the table (thankfully they were all hardboiled, but still), so I had to buckle her into the booster seat and occupy her with food. What a kid.

We went outside to play after lunch, and saw that the forsythia bushes had burst into full bloom.

Forsythia always remind me of when I was little. My mom used to cut a few branches from the bushes out in our backyard and "force" them in a budvase inside. I loved watching the brilliant yellow blooms burst from their little brown shell-like buds.

(This photo by my friend Heather)

Billy got decorated by Max:

(Photo also by Heather)

The children had a great time jumping on their trampoline:

(If you just can't get enough of silly little boys, mid-air, click through for more)

In the mail, I've received some very "spring-like" purchases from Susan's Kitchen:

Dyed Mohair locks in every shade of awesome green

Pure Tussah silk in gold and pink

I have the braid of silk sitting next to me here at the computer, begging to go on the wheel next (2-ply laceweight), but I feel compelled to finish this before the weather warms up too much more:

I'm past the ruffle on the second sleeve! Shouldn't take me too long. Just need to focus and get it done.

I hope that you all had a great Easter, for those of you who celebrate it. I'll leave you with my favorite picture from our little Easter egg hunt we had in our living room (there's more in my Flickr album that I uploaded for the grandparents):

Happy spring!!!

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