Friday, October 03, 2008


There's something that I don't think I've ever told you. I've had a lot of guilt about it, so I don't even think that I've ever taken it's picture, or discussed it in any way. I have a loom. About a year ago, I asked my husband to buy me a 30" Kromski Harp. The first hurdle was putting it together, which took about a month or so for me to get around to, but I finally just sat down one night and did it (I hate assembling little parts!) Then I had to wind a warp.

I chose dishcloth cotton, because I have a ton of it that I bought very cheaply, and almost never use it for anything (beanie bags, and a purse for my little sister once, but I DO NOT ever knit dishcloths -- well, once. But that's all.) Anyway, I wound off a striped green and cream warp, but the experience was kind of frustrating, since my warping pegs started popping out towards the end, and since the cotton is thick, they soon overwhelmed the length of the pegs as the time I was done, my neck was tight and back was sore, and I was done with it for a while. I packed the warp away, vowing to put it on the loom someday...

I don't know how long it's actually been. I've just been very intimidated by learning how to thread the warp through the heddle, tie it on the beams, etc. On the Spunky Club forum on Ravelry, people have been talking about weaving a lot lately, and I finally decided: this is it. I need to just get down to it and figure it out. People do it, so it must be a "doable" thing, right? Right. The trouble is, I didn't want to risk getting interrupted at any point (I turn into Mean Mommy at those moments), so this left the evenings. Once I get the children in bed at 8 though, my brain seems to shut down, and all I want to do is sleep -- the lovely fatigue of the 3rd trimester. (Generally I still stay up at least an hour or so to spin, but I don't really have to think to do that...)

All of this to say: I posted to my local knitting/spinning group that I wanted some warping company. One girl, Steffi, responded, saying that she'd never done it, but she'd be glad to help me figure it out.

Today was Spinning Friday at my house, a monthly meeting I have, and Steffi was able to come. Not only did she "help" me figure it out, but she warped it for me! She was my warping angel...or Warped Angel? Steffi, I can't thank you enough!! Sometimes I just need a little help getting over the hump of a project...

After everyone left and my children were watching their afternoon videos, I got out my long ignored copy of Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving (which Steffi had used to figure out the warping), and... I wove!

I got a little bit done this afternoon, but once I put the children to bed, I sat down and finished the entire warp. I now have 36 inches of finished fabric.

It is far from perfect or lovely, but it is weaving! And it is mine! (Those pictures were taken in the early stages, when there was still natural light in the living room -- I'll have to take full shots tomorrow of the whole thing, when I get the chance.)

I have so many ideas now for what I could do. All of that handspun, just sitting around...mmmmmmm......If I was not pregnant, tired, and in possession of a sore back, I'd warp it again right now. I know what I'm going to be doing tomorrow!
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