Thursday, October 09, 2008

Help! (P.S., contains spoiler for Spunky Club September)

OK friends, I have a tiny little knitting emergency. I was just invited to a baby shower (for a little boy to be born at the end of this month)...which takes place next Wednesday. Everyone in the group knows that I knit and spin, and, from what I understand, no one else does any of these things in this particular set of people: I will be The Token Knitter.

I do not wish to use handspun, since the recipient mother will probably not want to bother with handwashing, so it must be tough. I've considered the EZ Baby Surprise Sweater, but I don't want to knit anything in fingering weight yarn that might not be cherished forever, since what I REALLY want to do (and need to do) is finish up the winter accessory sets for my children. So it's got to be cute and fast. If I can find it in my stash, that's an added bonus, but I live down the street from a yarn shop, so that's not too much of a concern.

So....can you rescue me with that One Great Idea?

Here's some eye candy of the Spunky Club fiber I got yesterday:

8 oz handpainted Finn combed top, colorway "Acadia"

I love the way it goes to blue at one end, and I intend to use this as a design feature in whatever this ends up being.

Daisy adopted it, and did not wish to give it up, but when she started drafting out little bits of it, I had no choice. There were tears.
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