Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bluegrass scarf, etc.

I was going to create a "real" post (not sure what that is, exactly), but then I realized that I was just putting off blogging because I've been tired and busy. So instead of worrying about writing just the right thing, here are two pictures of my current weaving project; Sparky helped me warp my loom on Saturday, and this is what I had done by Saturday night:

I seriously need to work on my edges. Does anyone know a special trick for this, or is it just practice?

A close-up of the end -- or...beginning? (Recognize the float pattern from my first project?):

I've been doing a lot of spinning and knitting lately, but here's all that I can show you at the moment:

Shetland "Celebration" singles, which have since been plied.

When I've got more brain power to go around, I'll show you the other things I've got in progress right now!
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