Wednesday, October 01, 2008

First handspun

I was tidying the kitchen on Sunday, and noticed that my boys kept throwing lint into the fan (which I kept telling them to turn off, since it's freaking *cold*), and then turning it off, taking the lint out and saying "look!  I just spun yarn!" to each other.  My 5-year-old actually started carrying around a twisted bit of grey lint in his pocket "to show his friends", so finally I asked if they would like to spin some real yarn.  "YEAH!!!!!"  I pulled out a hunk of plain, white wool, and then we spun.

The 3-year-old's legs are too short to sit in a chair and treadle, and the 5-year-old couldn't keep the wheel spinning in one direction only, so I hand-spun the wheel around while they each in turn kind of held onto the wool and we drafted together.  Then we plied it by having them hold each end of the new super-twisted singles from opposite sides of the room and then coming together.

I broke it in half, quickly daisy-chained it, and then they threaded it onto knitting needles to "knit".  They are so proud of their little projects that they've been taking them into their beds at night, and carrying them around in the pockets of their hoodies.  So cute!
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