Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Smokestacks and Puppy Love (and more of the Baby Shower Project)

Even though I love being a night owl, I've put myself on a strict 10:30PM and-no-later bedtime, to attempt to keep up with my children.  There's also the thing about making myself wake up at 6:30 to do Yoga or Pilates in the morning, which, painful as it sounds, actually sets my day to rights, and besides, it's the only way I'm going to exercise.  I speak the truth.  All of this to say, I'm off to bed on my self-imposed time-line, but I wanted to quickly show you my Baby Shower Project progress.  (Oh, and for those who are wondering -- I got a reprieve!  I read the invitation wrong, and it's actually on FRIDAY, instead of this morning!) 

Here are the latest additions:

Propeller hat - Ravelry link (another from the Wee Wooly Toppers booklet), and tiny, newborn-sized thumb-less mittens (I'll be posting the pattern soon for posterity here).  I'm in the middle of the first of the light blue mitten set.  They're a great, lightening-fast knit that's perfect for taking along wherever the children are creating adventures.

While I'm sure that the recipient will be much more fetching in this hat, I had no one small enough, so here we have a yarn cake (Time Of The Month Spunky Eclectic sock yarn, no less), modeling it for us.

It appears a bit breast-like to me...(or is that just the sex-deprivation talking?)

I completed the boy's yarn, and they are eagerly awaiting the knitting of their winter warmers.

(Sparky on left, and Max)

Here are their skeins, in portrait:

Sakina Needles Smokestack BFL (from The Loopy Ewe), 2ply, 4 oz, 230 yds

Hanks In The Hood Merino Batt Puppy Love (from Paradise Fibers), 2-ply, 3 oz, 260 yds.

Both yarns were roughly wet-finished to full them slightly, and have ended up bouncy and round, and hopefully able to withstand the rigors of Little Boy World.  I can't wait to get both of these skeins on my needles!
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