Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spinning, starting, winding and frogging

On Thursday, I was having a bad day.  I had completed the Targhee in a record breaking (for me) 2 days (!!), and was happy with the results, but in general...I was just feeling like everything in life sucked.  Not sure why.

Mountain Colors Targhee in "Northern Lights" spun as a bouncy 2-ply, heavy worsted weight: 174 yds

I folded some neglected laundry, which made me feel a little better about things, and broke into some merino/Baby Camel blend that's been sitting here on my desk from the Fondle This club:

This was pure comfort spinning with no need for rush; it's headed towards being a nice, round 3-ply with no determined end project.

Yesterday I decided that, since the children are now properly accessorized for winter (the boys' mittens from last year still fit them, and they thought it was offensive that I was thinking of knitting new ones!), I need to start knitting for myself.  (Yes, I realize that I never knit the Celebration set for Daisy, but I've run out of steam for hats at the moment.)  Once the baby is born, I won't have any time for myself for a while, and I almost never knit for myself -- especially not wearables!

I recently hung out with one of my knitting and spinning friends, Rachel (Ravelry link because she is blogless), and was inspired to think about sweaters.  She knits such beautiful sweaters for herself, and it makes me jealous, because they're usually ones that I've thought of making too -- but she's already completed them!

Upon consideration, I've decided that for a big pregnant belly and miraculously changing bust size (which will continue to be a factor for the next year or so), shrugs and cardis are the best option.  I looked through some patterns on Ravelry and in my queue (how do I always forget the things that I've already earmarked to make?), and settled on Liesl, the picot edged shrug version.

I had the perfect yarn for it: a Merino/Bamboo blend (the combed top was actually from Rachel's etsy shop, interestingly enough):

So I cast on, and look!  I'm past the armholes already!  I've bound off in the optional picot edging for little cap sleeves.

I plan to knit until I'm nearly out of yarn, and then I'll knit some sort of a curly, i-cord frog closure from one of my Nicky Epstein books on the topic.  Or at least that's the current plan.

Also, I must have some sort of a wicked case of start-itus -- or at least wind-itus, because I also did this (custom dyed Briar Rose Fibers pure Corridale "Charity"):

(To become a February Lady Sweater

And this ( "Bulky Merino", no color name, from the Odds 'n Ends section):

(Earmarked for the Shalome cardi, but with sleeves, just like Rachel's -- I know, I'm a terrible copy-cat, but the girl's got some great ideas, and it can't be helped.)  =)

Then there was the sad realization that the Central Park Hoodie that I started...well, a while ago, is just not working out.  I think that I was knitting the wrong size, and I had some other silly troubles too.  I might try again.

But just not right now.

Tonight, I am swatching and watching "Thank You For Smoking".  (By the same director as "Juno")

Hurrah for the high of new projects!
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