Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Joy of Swatching

This past weekend, I spent some time swatching, and dreaming of new projects. I had just re-organized my stash (all the while fighting the urge to photograph and catalogue everything in Ravelry, in favor of actually knitting and spinning), and so I knew exactly what I had.

Here are the candidates for "next on needles".

I finally decided to do with some beautiful, discontinued Berocco Denim Silk (thank you Sarah!) that I've had for over a year now.
Sahara, cast-on

One of the Green Gables socks got finished:

There was also about an hour of knitting that produced half of a Meathead hat...but I ran out of yarn (some of my First Edition handspun that I haven't found a use for yet.)

Today the children and I went out shopping for a sunhat for Daisy. I only wanted to go to one store (the emotional effort of making it into and out of one store takes a good chunk out of the day, I assure you), so we finally settled on this ridiculously large, floppy swim-hat that makes Daisy look suspiciously like an overgrown buttercup.
Sun Hat
(I just realized that's kind of a boob shot. Whoops! I don't really feel like taking the time to crop it though. Ah well.)

I knit a little bit on Sahara, listened to the newest episode of Cast-On with my iPod, and the boys zoomed their cars and trucks down the big slides of our favorite playground. (Thankfully, there were no other children at the park to get hit by the flying vehicles!)

Random bit of news -- KnitCast will release a new episode next week!! I'm terribly excited; Marie Irshad has always been my favorite, and as the original knit-podcaster, holds a special place in my heart.

Well, all of the children are currently napping, so I'm going to spin while I've got the chance.

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