Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Podcast on it's way...

Well my dears, I did actually get the show recorded today. However, it's taking forever (as always) to save...convert...upload. So I'm going to bed. This would have all been done yesterday, but...I won't go into detail, but let's just say that after 5 pairs of pants, 3 pairs of "big guy" underwear and 4 shirts wet through in one day of a certain small fry, (including a bathroom trip that ended somehow with pee not only everywhere across the bathroom but also on his head), along with a mommy who couldn't seem to manage her temper very well, I felt it best to put off the recording until today.

There have been apologies made ("Mommy shouldn't get angry, and you need to obey. I love you."), potty training progress possibly made, and seeing as it is 1am on Wednesday morning at this moment, I had best get myself to bed. I will post the episode file to the internet tomorrrow, so look for it in the morning! (I hope!)

In the meantime, here are some photos from last week:

(Click to see the Belly Gallery. I find it interesting to note the gradual mood shift in the string of self-portraits. I have some collage projects in mind...)

Because sometimes it's just good to think about the precious moments, here is an excerpt from my journal over the past week:

Two mornings ago, I found the boys in their room -- Sparky in the windowsill, looking down at the stream, and Max lying on his back on the floor with some little trucks -- singing Silent Night.

Last night, Max came to me on the couch before bed, put his arm around me and laid his head on my shoulder.

Today I was explaining to Sparky (after a rather rough patch) that when he was disobedient it made me sad. His face crumpled into a pout. Tears started rolling down his face, and he said "Mommy, my face is very sad", then collapsed into wails.

Tonight, Max talked and sang himself to sleep. Overheard: discussions with himself about the movie "Cars", sung portions of the Veggie Tales Theme Song and Silent Night.

These are moments, snapshots in my life which will never repeat. I'm beginning to understand the difference between "living through" a life stage/situation and living fully in it. The choice is mine.

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