Thursday, January 04, 2007

Casting off and casting on

Last night, I cast off Shedir, and it's now resting after a light blocking:

Mr. Fiberflash loved it and was greatly appreciative, so I feel that it was a success all around. I'll post project specs as soon as it dries and I get a decent picture of him modeling it. This was, by far, the most complicated pattern I've worked so far. It is brilliantly written, and looks just as gorgeous in real life as it does in the pattern picture on I did catch one error, which I think was on line number 63. I'll check back on my notes and include that in the pattern specs.

As soon as the ends for Shedir were woven in, I cast on for this:
I'm so excited to start on it! Unfortunately, I'm a little under the weather today and feel more like taking a nap during the boy's nap than knitting, but we'll see what I can get done.

Yet another grey, rainy day here in Germany...

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