Monday, January 08, 2007

Dirty little secrets

Things you may not (want to) know about me
  • I don't like to knit with multi-colored yarn (anymore). Solid and semi-solid all the way.
  • I like to spin multi-colored yarn.
  • I used to hate tweed. I thought it looked linty and dirty. Now I'm obsessed with the idea of an ALL TWEED sweater for myself.
  • I hate stash (how am I supposed to know what I'm going to feel like knitting for my next project? Why waste money on it now?)
  • I have a stash (small, but still stash)
  • Lingering UFO's make me feel like a failure.
  • I find the spinning of pet hair to be vile. However, I have done quite a bit of research on it, because I have something of a morbid fascination with it.
  • I strongly dislike cats, and am a little bit allergic to them.
  • Generally speaking, I don't like other people's dogs. The only dog I ever really liked was the one (now deceased) that I grew up with. I will never get my own dog. (However, I don't have a problem with anyone owning a dog or enjoying it or photographing it obsessively. Hey, it's your deal. Some people think that little kids are boring, and I have two of those.)
  • Reguardless of how I feel about them, other people's animals LOVE me and are all over me anytime that I show up.
Somewhat related to the above, I've decided to do a little bit of housecleaning. I haven't really blogged about either of these projects much, because I started them in Georgia when I was very busy or there were other more pressing things to blog about. They were stashed away in a bag, but when I set up my studio I put them out in a basket to look all pretty and tempt me to work on them again. A few days ago, I realized that I'd buried them again under something...this time in the basket. Time to face reality. I'm not going to finish them. They're just a weight on my mind, and make me feel bad when I look at them because I feel guilty about letting projects go for that long. But they've lost all of the magic. Even though it is Elsabeth Lavold Silky Wool...

So here, out in the open, are my two official UFO's:

Kiri shawl (PDF) and Liesel Lace Scarf (PDF). I learned invaluable lessons in lace, shawls, patterns, needle sizes and gauge in both of these projects, and it was time to realize that the relationship was at it's end, and all of this gorgeous yarn needed to be reincarnated as something else...


Ahhh, that felt so good.

Interestingly enough, right after I ripped, I read this. Now I really feel better.

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