Sunday, August 06, 2006

plied distractions

So yesterday I pulled out all of my stash (well, most of it -- I forgot about the cache of Wool-Ease in the bedroom closet) and was totally set to start sorting and packing.
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Then I noticed three skeins of singles that I'd spun a few months ago, before I had realized the beauty of plying. Then I thought "well, I'd really like to have everything squared away before I leave, so I'll just sit down and ply these..." by the time I'd plied, skeined, rinsed, squeezed and hung them up to dry in the was time to start cooking dinner. Oh goodness. I'm never going to get packed up at this rate.
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The BFL (Mahogany colorway by Amy of Spunky Eclectic) was Navajo-plied and ended up at a bulky/polar weight yarn. The creamy wool blend was Andean-plied, which was pretty risky business.

I didn't care enough about this singles to worry too much about loosing it all, and I wanted to see if I could do it without getting it hopelessly tangled (mohair or something similarly sticky would surely end with scissors and tears, but this was quite smooth).

This is how it looked wound around my hand:
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That's a heck of a lot of yarn. Risky, I tell you. I'm not giving you the finger here -- it's the yarn, promise!

Then this is how it looked plied up. It was nearly a full (but not overstuffed) bobbin. So now I know that it can be done!
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I finished the first Pembrokeshire Pathways Sock at my knitting class on Friday.
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I always love showing someone handknited socks for the first time. They are always suprised at the fine gauge and the thin fabric. Somehow when people hear "handknit socks" they think "thick, scratchy". I love enlightening the general public, and perhaps even inspiring a few new sock-knitters in the process. =)

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