Wednesday, August 09, 2006

feeling orange

Sarah, my blogging partner, turned 23 today. Happy birthday Sarah! I hope that you're having a great day. =)

With all the things I've been working on, there's something I forgot.

I forgot how quickly something can work up if focused on exclusively.
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This is the front and back of Orangina. The one panel has been done and sitting on a stitch holder for about 2 weeks or so now. On Saturday, I finally cast on for the other side, and as you can see, I only have a few more inches to go! Once it's completed, I sew up the sides, join the work in the round, and knit a ribbing for as long as I want the tank top to be. That'll probably take longer than I'd like, but I feel like I'm finally on the home stretch.

It feels unreal that I'll actually be able to wear this soon; I've been working on it since last year, (well, I've been casting on occasionally and ripping it all out), so it's hard to believe that I've gotten even this far.

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