Saturday, April 08, 2006


Yesterday was baking day. If I'd taken this picture a little earlier, you would have seen two whole loaves of whole wheat bread, and a full dozen muffins along with the two loaves of date nut bread and two containers of granola (papaya-coconut-almond and date-raisin-almond). Yummy! Took me all afternoon, but I was able to get so much done because my husband was home. I love to bake, but don't often get the chance to do quite so much at once.

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This is my work desk in a candid shot. I normally try to neaten up a little before blogging, but here it is in it's natural state. I am working on two more skirts (blue for me, the floral for my sister). Knitting is up on that little shelf. My hands are still hurting so I can only knit in little bits.

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