Monday, December 05, 2005

Winter Knitty is live!

The new Winter Knitty just went live!!

Of the new patterns, things I just might have to knit:
Mrs. Beeton: which is super pretty and delicate looking -- the most dainty gauntlets I've seen
Real Stocking Cap: well really any excuse to knit a sock. Plus, my brother Jom would probably wear this proudly.
Danica: because I love the woven look of the pattern stitch, and I've never tried Entrelac, so I might as well start here.
Marley's Ghost
: this is going to be the first thing I'll knit for Mr FiberFlash, I think. It screams his name.
Thuja: not exciting, perhaps, but a Christmas knit for my Grandpa, nonetheless.
Pomatamus: must I give a reason?
Namaste: because I need one (for real!)
Creatures: while going about their chores in the frosty NY air, I think that my little siblings would find these indespensible

With no disrespect to the authors of the patterns (heck, I don't have anything in there, so I can't speak too harshly!), here's my short list of "What In The Blazes Were They Thinking?"
Forecast: while I enjoy Stephanie Japel's never ending creativity, sometimes I wonder if certain designs would look goood on anyone else?
Bobblicious: I've been wondering if I should like bobbles. I'm left to still wonder.
Blanche-Neige: if you would like to embark on the most expensive hand knit of your life, go for it! Not only would this project cost you $228 in the main color alone for a size small, but the yarn is only available through the author's store. Hmm. Also, this pattern doesn't really stand out to me. I wouldn't substitute a yarn to do it either. Yes, hmm indeed.

But really, what are you reading my blog for? Go! Check out the new Knitty!


Sarah said...

can't agree with you more... i wasn't to fond of bobblicious or blanch neige either. BUT I do love the funky cat Kate!

Mouse said...

You know.. I have to wonder sometimes about designers and their patterns myself. It chokes me to think about a $228 sweater.. let alone one that you have to knit yourself. Reminds me of the cute scarf the owner of my LYS showed me -- it "only took 3 skeins" of $28.00 a skein yarn. Yeah.. right.

Amy said...

Would that I could afford to knit a cashmere sweater!

My favorite pattern is tubey. I also like Stefanie's pattern, but I'm not so sure about the cuffs.

Lolly said...

I was pleased with this Knitty - there were several cute things. I am a little perplexed of how some things make it in and others don't, however. I am quite fond of Tubey.


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