Thursday, December 08, 2005

soft, fuzzy Bliss

Hey, need more yarn? Of course you do! Check out what I'm selling:
eBay: Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora TURQUOISE yarn

There's a little free gifty with purchase! I'm throwing in 4 handmade note cards (blank on inside) just because I'm that nice. =)

I'm done with one-and-a-half of my brother's King Kong Cabled Footies, but I'm waiting to photograph until I can shoot the pair. Oh my aching hands!

1 comment:

Mouse said...

Must... resist... temptation...
Now I'm wondering what this stuff feels like and am thinking of going to the yarn shop tomorrow and petting some.. you are SO evil!

Don't worry.. if I decide to buy some, I'll bid on yours first!! (though I'll probably have to sell my kid to gypsies to afford it right now)


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