Saturday, December 03, 2005

Cables wrong and right

While in Florida last week, this is what became of my Newsies Hat.
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Yes, it's sad. A moment of silence, please, for the first cabled, wrong hat.

Here it is after taking a shower. It took a little over a day to dry because of the humidity. Also, it had a peculiar smell that I've heard described as "Alpaca hairy smell". I can't describe it any better. It wasn't quite bad, just, well, hairy smelling.
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Here is the sock that I'm designing for my brother. It's being modeled for you by the lovely foot of my husband. (Nice hair, huh?)
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And a close up of the (correct) cable down the center.
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I am naming these "King Kong Cabled Footies" for the one fat cable down the center. My math was a little shaky, but I've realized that as long as you know what you're doing with sock construction, there's a bit of fudging that can be done with no real harm. I intend to have a second go at these after Christmas (for myself, maybe) to work out the pattern oficially, before posting it here.

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Mouse said...

ooh.. socks with cables- those are really cool!! I've just had to rip and re-knit the few inches of my first (non-ugly) pair of socks.. so I'm sort of back to square one. Can't wait to see those finished.. they are awesome!


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