Thursday, December 01, 2005

frusterated + christmas knits

A few weeks ago I was looking around for my interchangable needles, and discovered them missing. "No matter", I thought, "things always turn up in time, and I'll just use DPN's for now." Yesterday I did an all out search through the house, because for my Christmas projects, there can be no more delay. I need the needles now! They are nowhere. Also, all of my crochet hooks are missing. The two sets were in two little ziploc bags. After turning the house upside down for yet another look-see, I finally gave in and bought new sets. I found a really good deal on eBay. It sucked that I had to buy more, but the new ones I'm getting are in their own cases (Boye Needlemaster and Boye Crochetmaster) and not too expensive. Check out this seller -- they have 6 more sets of needles, and 5 sets of hooks. These are killer prices; only %30 of what you would pay at full price (the needles are normally almost $100, and the hooks are almost $50 at

Currently on the needles: a pair of socks I'm designing for my brother Caleb. They are cabled footies, inspired by this pair I saw on Misocrafty.

In other news, yesterday was my father-in-law's birthday. Andrew, Elijah and I made this card for him and put it in the mail on Monday:

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