Friday, December 09, 2005

Because you're never too young to learn wool love

Mr E and Bubby Bear.
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Image hosted by

Still knit-knit-knitting away at those socks. (I must admit I've slowed a little, now that I'm approaching the final few inches. Soooooooo...long....must go on...)

What's keeping me sane in my iTunes:
Secret Knitting

Stasia's Place

If' you've never listened to any of this, you should!! It's the perfect thing to do while knitting. Don't fry your brain on your TV -- listen to Podcasts! There's tons of different subjects -- those are all the knitting ones currently available, but go find whatever appeals to you. Podcasts for everyone!!


Mouse said...

How cute!! He's utterly adorable!! Oh yeah.. and the bear is cute too. :)

Sarah said...

oh very cute, can't wait to see him!

Amy Boogie said...

what a cuitie pie!


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