Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday: Roller Derby (and a group date)

Over the weekend, Greg and I went on a group date with friends to see a roller derby bout.  We love watching those TXRD girls racing around the track, throwing punches and making a scene.  So much fun!  Sometimes just watching the crowd is even more entertaining than the girls themselves; quite a variety of people show up.  Of course, for me, roller derby is also an excuse to style fun and wild outfits as my "costume" for the night.


Black and green t-shirt, Old Navy ~ cut-off denim skirt, Old Navy (modified by me) ~ black fishnets, unknown ~ Steve Madden Hondd black booties ~ Black/brown leather vest, vintage ~ chain necklace, unknown (originally a wallet chain, modified by me).




I used Maybelline EyeStudio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow to create a dramatic eye (winged out on the sides), and Black Honey Clinique Almost Lipstick for a sheer wash of red on my lips.

And now for the night itself!

We carpooled with a bunch of our friends, and grabbed seats together right in the front to watch the action:


(Greg likes to make a horrified "candid" face for shots like these.  So wonderful.)


With two of my dear friends, Brittany and Becca

(Sorry, no pictures of the Derby Girls -- they speed by so quickly, it's hard to get a non-smeary picture, but you can see plenty on their site.)

Usually, we stay for the entirety of the derby, but this time we decided to leave at halftime for dinner at Austin restaurant Malaga.  The better to talk about everything we'd just seen!


At Malaga, table for 13 (!)
The food at the restaurant was super delicious.  Greg complained later that there wasn't enough seafood, and the vibe wasn't very "Spanish", but I LOVED it.  Also, eating out with this crew was entertaining enough in itself to make this dinner a memorable one.  I definitely plan to go back.

My friend Jenny and I are known for our animated conversations that always include VERY WIDE EYES, so we attempted to get some action shots...


Red-wine-afterglow shamelessly air-brushed out of our faces

As it turns out, it's nearly impossible to keep your eyes open wide while laughing wildly.




All of the ladies on our little excursion.  

I love these friends like crazy!  Having people like these in my life here have made Texas feel like it's truly home for us.

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