Friday, April 15, 2011

Link-tastic Friday

Cute little toes:



Webwide coolness:
  • We eat a lot of butter in this house.  A lot.  Here's an article on five fats that are important and healthy to keep in your kitchen. (Thanks to my friend Mimi for the link!)
  • With four children and lots of friends, it can be terribly hard to keep our family schedule straight.  After wrestling with various written methods, wall calendars, etc., I have finally discovered Google Calendar.  I granted Greg's Google account access to the calendar as well, so now we can both edit it, no matter where we are, and can even access it from our phones.  It even gives pop-up reminders on my desktop for upcoming events.  Genius!


Food (savory):
Food (sweet):
  • I don't usually go for low-fat anything, but this Low Fat Lemon Curd looks like it might be a little less heavy and a little more zippy than the traditional kind.
  • I made savory Quinoa once, but Greg wasn't impressed with the grain, so I haven't made it again.  However, this Breakfast Quinoa with Toasted Coconut Almonds and Fresh Mango sounds like it might have to be my breakfast sometime very soon.
  • I have a weakness for creamy fruit salads, and this one looks both simple and delicious (via Mel's Kitchen Cafe).

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Sarcy said...

Have you tried red or black quinoa? A spice store proprietor told me the deeper the color of the quinoa, the more flavorful it should be, so I've taste-tested and it seems to be true. Here's a recipe we like: (I've subbed garlic for the shallot and goat cheese for the feta, and it's good any which way.)


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