Thursday, March 05, 2009

Restless. Anxious. Tired. That's been me since Monday, ever since my fever finally cleared out. I think it's Spring Itch, combined with not enough sleep (the evening hours are the only time my children all just Leave Me Alone for a while, so I stay up...), and missing Greg. Sounds like reasonable cause to me.

In lieu of the above mentioned feelings, I've been cleaning the house like mad. Now, it's difficult to see the results of this, since I have Team Mess traveling behind me wherever I go, strewing toys about the house anew, and tossing cereal bits over their shoulders, but at least I know that it's freshly dirty. That sort-of makes it OK.

I've got some yarn drying! Since I don't have proper pictures of any of it yet, here's an in progress shot of one of the skeins:

It's the batt Elizabeth (Eutrapelia) gave me, and the mohair locks (a new treat for me!), massive handfuls of glitz, sari silk, and other textured bits were just perfect for last week's difficult moments. I kept the spindle in the computer room/kitchen area, and it was so wonderful to be able to spin tiny bits at a time and not have to even really think about it ("Yay bumps! Hey, there's a mohair lock! Oh wow, glitter! Shiny!!")

Here's a better pic of my spindle Lazy Kate:

I wind singles off of my spindle onto the ball-winder, which has been fitted with a paper core. The core makes it easy to slip it off without collapsing the ball (singles can be so energetic at times), and transfer it painlessly to the Lazy Kate.

I bought this tool from Etsy shop Spinsanity. I know it's not strictly necessary, but I like it muchly. :) (Pssst, she's got another in her shop right now!)

On the knitting front: as it turns out, my gauge IS quite different knit in the round as opposed to flat.

This is where I was at yesterday:

I tried them on, and they were just too tight.

This is today:

Yeah, I know, the pictures look almost the same. Just believe me when I tell you that the top picture is of them in the round, which I then ripped out, and the bottom is flat. Promise. Anyway, back to the knitting -- it's naptime for the children and I've got bread in the oven. I think I'll sleep as the bread is done though. Well, either that, or continue to slog through this day, and that's not a whole lot of fun. Thank God for good little nappers (and audiobooks for Sparky!).

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