Monday, March 23, 2009

Serious Stash Enhancement

Yesterday Daisy woke up vomiting with a fever, and it would probably be best not to discuss what was in her diaper. She and I spent most of the day changing our clothing, and yes, she did puke on the Hemlock Ring blanket, thanks for asking.

Blessedly, she took three long naps, and she's already taken two today. Although she still has a fever, she is eating a little better (read: at all), so I hope she's coming out of it.

Here she is, feeling very sorry for herself.

Question: do they all sit around licking the floor in childcare? Hmm.

No need to dwell on that though. We might have to shut ourselves in this week (again), but at least I've got a lot of great fiber to play with, because...

Amy did a massive update at the beginning of the month, and with all of the Spunky gift certificates my friends had included in the huge Valentine's Day boxes last month, I did some Serious Shopping.

There's no sense in letting free shipping go to waste, I always say.

I did promise Fiber Pr0n so here's the gratuitous close-ups:

(You can click through for details and in some of the descriptions are notes on what I intend to do with the fiber)

I also got club from Southern Cross Fibres:

Spring Forward, BFL

Included in the club package was this fabulous 4oz bump:

Koala, New Zealand Polwarth

As part of the Spunky group's effort to supercharge my stash over the last month, Jacqui (Jammam) gave me some Southern Cross Fibre cash. I asked David to surprise me, giving him some ideas for what I like, and I am crazy pleased with this Koala bump. David is a color genius -- there's no two ways about it. Thank you, thank you Jacqui!

But that's not all, my friends, oh no. It seems that I've been in a Go Big or Go Home state of mind, because remember that Qiviut I had mentioned a little while ago?

Yup. One ounce. I have a good variety of very special fiber in my stash, but I can tell you with full assurance that I have never felt anything so soft. It's so soft that I almost can't feel it.

It was blended with 25% silk, and the light touch they used to blend it makes the fiber 100% lush. When spun, it will have a glimmer all through from that silk.

This is earmarked for something Very Special (as yet undecided) of course as a laceweight project. I think I might have to purchase the Very Fast Flyer for my Lendrum though before I start spinning. (By the way, if anyone has experience with that particular flyer, can you share your thoughts? Does it make the treadling more resistant? Do you use it often? Etc.?)

This has no relation to anything in this post whatsoever, but does anyone have breakfast suggestions for eating in the car? My children and I end up eating breakfast en route to places 2 or three days out of the week, and I'm getting tired of the dry cereal, granola bars and apples that I've been packing lately. Any non-fastfood solutions would be greatly appreciated. Make-ahead take-with child-friendly suggestions are needed to get me out of this rut (and remember, the ages include the not-quite-2-year-old Daisy, so it's gotta be simple to eat!).

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