Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Very Charming Cardigan

Wow, you all had some really great suggestions for adding to my children's listening library! Thanks to all who left comments. I've been having fun previewing new-to-me stuff on iTunes.

Not remotely related to anything, but have you seen this? Women Eating Chocolate. Absurd and hilarious!

My Navy Tweed Cardigan is complete!

How is it possible that only 9 people have knit this on Ravelry so far?!

Pattern: Charming Shawl Collared Cardigan by Katherine Lee from Sweater Babe
Yarn: Cascade 109 Bulky Tweed (Webs closeout -- they've still got a few colors in stock)
Needles: Size 11 KnitPicks interchangeable circulars.

I had some struggles with the back piece, but Katherine provided lightening fast pattern support, and helped me work it out. I think it was mostly just that I was working on it too late at night, but she has since clarified the pattern so that even a sleep deprived momma can fly through this with no trouble.

I love the tailored details that make it look neat, clean and classic, even though it's worked in a chunky yarn.

Since this pattern uses big yarn and big needles, it's really a quick knit. Every time I sat down to knit on this, I would feel like I'd accomplished something, which was good for me.

The pattern suggests big woven leather buttons, and I was amazed to find exactly the buttons called for at The Lives And Loves Of Maggie The Cat (found through a Google search).

The buttons are a little heavy when the cardigan is open, but I'm happy with the buttoned look (if only I didn't have to suck in my stomach so much!)

Details that especially make me happy about this cardigan are the deep garter stitch collar and cuff.

Cuffs are folded up here, because my arms are short. Or maybe it's supposed to be that way? So cozy!

More details on my Ravelry project page.

Now I'm on to my next project. I've got a peplum! Can anyone guess which pattern this is?

Happy sunshine and sparkly rainbows to anyone who gets it right.

And the yarn I'm using for it:

For me, tweed just never gets old.

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